Robert’s Hearing Diary – Resound One

Resound hearing aids, a Resound charger box and a Correct hearing Limited card.

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The biggest learning curve for me was actually putting the aids on! After a lifetime of ear moulds and stiff tubing it took a few days to get used to inserting them into my ears but using the charging to store my hearing aids overnight could not be simpler. Incidentally whilst I have been able to wear them all day I have noticed some tenderness in my ear canal as I get used to the deeper fitting.

I’ve been out hillwalking a few times this past two weeks and been able to keep both aids on all day and there’s no doubt that the wind noise is so much more manageable and much less intrusive. This is the first time I’ve ever worn a hearing aid that actually use the ear as nature intended and being able to listen to conversation outside in the hills is great.

The restaurant setting definitely made speech clearer for me particularly if the speakers are facing me and I noticed when I switched programs back to all around sound, the noise and hubbub in the restaurant increased significantly in volume showing how effective the aids and program are in a noisy indoor environment.

24/3/2022 – First Adjustments

I’m continuing to enjoy my new hearing aids even more so as the soreness in my inner ear seems to now have disappeared and I have returned to the full size earpiece in my right ear.

The increased volume is good which just goes to show how well I have adjusted to GN Hearing’s ReSound One smart hearing aids in such a short time.

Over the past few weeks I have really enjoyed and appreciated birdsong when out in the hills, song that I have never heard so clearly previously.  It reminded me I had only heard birdsong since in my 30’s which came with the progress of hearing aid technology however that’s nothing compared to how I’m hearing it now.

Once again using the outside setting the absence of air noise is an enormous improvement as I am now able to follow conversation when out walking with friends which is amazing.

I am not yet fully appreciative of the restaurant setting, it definitely works well for one to one conversation with people next to me which is good as I no longer have the option of lipreading, however I did still struggle with people further away, an improvement but I could really do with more in these environments.

We did try using the live listen and that worked well as long as my friend remembered to keep the microphone to his face.

I think a multimic would deal with this problem, something to discuss at my next surgery with Correct Hearing.

More to follow – meantime, I’m pretty happy.

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