Here at Molly Watt Trust we believe in enabling those living with Usher Syndrome to live their lives as independently as possible. 

Having access to mainstream assistive technology and the ability to make full use of all features.

Collection of people attending a Molly Watt Trust workshop.

Empowering Through Workshops, Assistive Technology, and Usher Community Connections

We are able to offer small workshops or one to one workshops to assist those with Usher Syndrome and those who work with or live with those living with the condition.

Various assistive technology including handheld devices lead to inclusion in places of education and in the workplace.

We also offer a “Meet and Greet”service, a welcome to the Usher community.

This can mean meeting with somebody living with Usher, family, friends or those working with people with Usher Syndrome.

Getting to know your tools

We offer 1-2-1 with Molly on how to get the most out of your handheld devices.

  1. Get familiar with iPhone Accessibility menu
  2. Help getting set up (display, text size, colours etc)
  3. Enable accessibility shortcuts
  4. Introduction to VoiceOver – a screen reading tool
  5. Introduction to Speak Screen – another screen reading tool
  6. Introduction to using Zoom.

How Molly uses her Apple ecosystem for daily access, embedded are tools free and easy to use.

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Max and/ or Apple Watch – ask Molly what you’d like to learn and she’ll do her best to help.

We can also advise on making maximum use of android devices.

We also offer accessibility workshops for small groups, contact us for full details about any of these services

Tech workshops run by the Molly Watt Trust help the Usher community in using the latest accessibility tech.