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Firstly I’d like to congratulate my beautiful, inspirational daughter on her recent blog two weeks on over 193k hits and growing which means fantastic awareness of Usher Syndrome and particularly so in the world of technology.

Molly has been taken aback by the interest in her blog which had initially been written as new content for her newly designed website where she is building her own profile and to inform those with Usher Syndrome, deaf or blind of the possible advantages of using the Apple Watch.

Together we looked over the many reviews and comments to the blog which have in the main been met with great interest and from all over the world which is amazing.

Of all the reviews one particular comment stuck out and it was one that questioned the number of people who actually benefit from the built in accessibility in some products, most notibly Apple.

Those with Usher Syndrome clearly benefit but in real terms those with deafness or hearing impairment, blindness or visual impairment or those with deafblindness and numerous other disabilities also benefit. 

This is before we consider the ageing population who often become visually impaired or / and hearing impaired or deaf, blind or Deafblind, so a considerable number to consider for accessibility.

Helen Keller’s profound quote is something for us all to think about when we think about accessibility:-

“Blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people.”

So to the techie community out there, please continue to consider the needs of those with sensory impairment, you are making a huge difference to millions and a huge thank you to all who read, considered and enjoyed Molly’s blog, there is certainly much more to come from her.

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