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Diane was the first person to receive a Kindle eReader under our “Access to Reading” project.

I would like to thank the MWT fund from the bottom of my heart!!! Why u say? I have ushers/RP type 2 and for years I’ve not bought a book as it was a struggle to read with the brightness of the white background and the size of print so I gave up reading! This morning my doorbell went and was asked to sign for parcel thinking it was Xmas gifts I had ordered, boy I was wrong!! As I opened the parcel WOW I was so excited to see that I had received a kindle and cover from the MWT!! On setting it up etc I couldn’t wait to download my first book and was amazed at the difference in reading there was no glare and the contrast is perfect as I read plus I was able to enlarge the print and it was so easy to set up. Now I’m so looking forward to reading again thank u so much!!! This has given me such a boost as over the last few weeks I’ve been a low due to a shoulder injury and not having my guide dog Eric. This has made my day and now I can look forward to reading again while I travel or on a dark cold night while I’m in my bed happy days!! This would never have happened to me only due to the amazing work that MWT team has been doing I can’t thank them enough from the bottom of my heart!!! YOU GUYS ROCK XXX

D Healey NI 

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