Stylish Talking Point – Bradley watch

Dark haired lady smiling, she has her elbows on a table on her left wrist she is wearing Bradley tactile watch.

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I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to receive a Bradley Timepiece – only made possible to me through the brilliant Molly Watt Trust.

It is a wonderful invention, but does take a little getting used to. I didn’t think myself heavy handed at all, but to master this, you really do need to have the lightest touch!

I’ve had the Bradley for just short of a month now and so really starting to get to grips with it and I LOVE IT!

So much more discreet than a talking watch! Another plus is that my two grown up sons are very impressed and think it very cool and stylish – one in the eye for them so to speak – but remember lads – IT IS VERY MUCH MINE!!

The Bradley is also a brilliant talking point as everyone notices and comments on it, leading to great conversation then in raising awareness of Ushers and also to promote the fabulous work of the Molly Watt Trust – THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I will continue to fly your flag!!

Have a great Deafblind Awareness Week everyone!

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