Pushing Boundaries

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Pushing Boundaries

This might not be seen as pushing boundaries for some…….

However,  for myself it was like jumping out of an aeroplane!

I have always admired a local photographers work and I see regular updates of his work on Facebook.   I noticed that he was looking for models.   I got in touch with my best friend (Julie) and said why don’t you enquire about it.  No harm in asking…….he replied with yes, I’ll work with you.  

I was so excited for Julie and she asked me to attend with her for moral support….GULP not wanting to let her down after suggesting the idea,  i said (meekly) yes ok……….!

Panic stations, I have got to go to a place, I’ve never been before and be my friends support whilst shaking in my boots at being in unfamiliar territory!!

The next day,  I’m feeling really positive and enthusiastic  for Julie.  I was looking forward to going and seeing how it all happens. 
We arranged for the shoot to take place in a few days.  I’d already sent a message to the photographer the night before warning him that I was attending with Julie, also that I was hearing and visually impaired, could he make sure I was sat out of harms way. 🙂

I then got a bright idea (with a bucket load of courage from somewhere) and before I knew it, I’d  sent a message to the photographer asking if he’d be interested in including me in the mix! Waaaaaargh what are you thinking woman.  :-O

Retreat!  Retreat! RETREAT!!

He replied……………..yes!  (Lynne has now fainted)

The day arrives, the only person that knows, I am included in the photo shoot apart from my friend is my mum.  I am dropped off at my friends house and we are both battling with nerves. We set off to the unknown………..

We arrive at our destination, my stomach has dropped out, I’ve said to Julie, I can already see it’s going to be dark in there and I’m  going into hell.  We go into this very big house and I’m being guided by Julie.

We have a quick chat and acquaint ourselves with our new friends and I choke on my cup of tea, you can’t take me anywhere!

The moment has arrived and we are taken to the room where costumes are kept (again it’s dark even with the light on) I can’t see all the costumes that are being shown to me, so I have to be completely honest and say I can’t see a thing, you’ll have to help me.

Bearing in mind, I am most definitely a plus size and I’m already dreading trying to squeeze into a costume,  I am having to rely on others to say yes or no to outfit and accessories as well as my physique. Hard work is an understatement. :-p

Once dressed,  we go to the studio, which is upstairs in an attic room, it’s still dark for me until we are actually in front of the lights for the photographs.

We are then photographed individually and together with one outfit change.

Whilst being photographed it was nerve wracking because being in the bright lights, I still couldn’t see or hear anyone very well, so I asked to be placed in position and shouted at.  :-p 

I have to say despite being nervous and feeling foolish (A LOT) we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are very glad we went for it. WE MIGHT EVEN CONSIDER GOING BACK!

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