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Previous Usher Projects

We have undertaken a number of projects to help those with Usher Syndrome.

We appreciate the efforts of all who take part in fundraising events for us and assist in not just our Usher Projects but in supporting other Charities who support those with Usher Syndrome.

For fundraising ideas or to support MWT please contact us.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."


2015 - Present: Global Giving

Usher syndrome charity projects.Our most current project - as of April 2016 we have donated 36 Applewatches to the Usher Syndrome community and have a considerable list.

Applewatch with its unique accessibiliy feature enables safe navigation for the deafblind using prominent haptics, along with new and accessible apps to make life easier and more accessible leading to a new independence.

In order to use the Applewatch there has to be an iphone.  In choosing Applewatch it was noted by the Trustees that most people now use a smartphone, many choosing iPhone because of it’s amazing built in accessibility.  The AppleWatch also has amazing bluetooth connectivity and as a result is capable of connecting to certain hearing aids which then allow more enhancement to everyday life.

This project is very popular, we are now looking at various ways of funding the project and are delighted our project has been accepted by GlobalGiving Foundation Inc.  Visit our donate section or click on the link below.

£350 can change somebody's life, reduce isolation by enabling them to leave their homes and navigate safely.


Click here to donate to this fantastic project!

Thanks in advance

2014 - 2015: The Bradley

bradley projectThe Bradley world's first tactile watch.

Not only was this project exciting as the product very innovative for people with Usher Syndrome being completely tactile, please see Molly's blog.

This was another very popular project and was funded in numerous ways.

The sale of our anti-bullying children's book, Frog, Froggy and Froggit, written and illustrated by Molly-Jane Watt helped fund the project.  This book was published and remains available to purchse via the website.

The Molly Watt Trust funded 22 Bradley watches to the Usher Syndrome Community whilst the project was live.

2013 - 2014: UsherEyes

UsherEyes - the funding of protective eyewear was funded to the Usher Community.  Usher eyes are incredibly sensitive and this sensitivity varies throughout the day and differs throughout the year, hence the need to protect.

The Molly Watt Trust funded in excess of 40 pairs of protective eyewear whilst the project was live.

2012 - 2013: Access to Reading

access to reading


Our first project Access to Reading was a huge success in just over a year MWT was able to fund and provide more than 70 eReaders to people living with Usher Syndrome.  

For those with a little sight eReaders are ideal as they offer good contrasts, no glare and larger text. Some wrote they'd not been able to access a book in many years and that being able to read again a complete pleasure in what is often an isolating world.

The success of this project led to Rekindle where we invited those lucky enough to be able to upgrade their eReaders to consider donating their old models to us.  This enabled us to donate these to others living with blindness who could benefit - both projects remain in place for an application form please contact us.


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