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Case Study 1

Our first case study (CS1) is Colin age 53 and living with Usher Syndrome Type 3 the rarest of the Usher types. Colin has worn hearing aids since he was 40 years old and is currently severely deaf and has been registered severely sight impaired (blind) for several years.

Colin was fitted with GN Hearing ReSound LiNX Quattro smart hearing aid on 16 November 2019.

ReSound GN Hearing aids

Thursday, 20 February 2020 08:21

Colin Update February

Written by  Colin
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So here we are a few months down the line and feeling quite the expert in hearing aids and aftercare! 

My new ReSound smart hearing aids have done so much for me and have without a doubt given me a far better quality of life that’s for sure which along with it brings a new found confidence. 

For anybody who is deaf blind you’ll know where I’m coming from when I say that winter can make you a prisoner in your own home, the long dark days are so challenging from when the clocks go back until they spring forward.  This winter I’ve found myself out and about a lot more with Frankie in the dark .  I feel a new sense of being at peace with myself, I feel more relaxed to be out and about because I can hear what is going on around me even though I cannot see it.  I genuinely feel so much safer.  My ears are defiantly helping to compensate for my vision loss. 

I really cannot thank GN Hearing, The Hearing Clinic, Glasgow and the Molly Watt Trust enough. You are all making a huge difference. 

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