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Wednesday, 04 October 2017 12:41

Usher Awareness Weekend and Workshop 2017

Written by  Colin Hetherington
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Well it finally came, a date in the diary both Lyn and I had been looking forward to for some time, Amy Winehouse on the 15th of September and 16th September Usher Syndrome Awareness Day.  For many years I would say ushers was defiantly not something I’d want to celebrate, however, this year was different thanks to Molly Watt and the Molly Watt Trust.

You see there is a lot to be said for someone who talks the talk but when she actually walks the walk as well she must be applauded.  Molly has a fantastic set up and is very, very professional indeed.  With not just superb family backing but also the backing of fellow ushers like myself.

Molly we know with your passion you drive things on, we hear the fight in your voice we know you want better for us all and we damn well deserve better.

The talks and assistive technology on both Apple and android products was very well presented and to be honest the best I’ve had to date I learned so much.  Lyn and I felt blessed not just to have Chris stand beside us and listen to our needs but for him to also have the power to progress those needs and make a difference really is amazing.  

Without a shadow of doubt I’d return for a night on the tiles with Amy Winehouse and other ushers who I consider friends for life.

For me the words Usher Syndrome have been hard words to say for many reasons but when people understand it Becomes so much easier.

Thank you so much MWT.

Colin Hetherington usher type 3

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