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Sunday, 28 June 2015 20:09

Tactile Time

Written by  Diane Healey
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Hi my name is Diane 44 years old from Northern Ireland.
I have Usher Syndrome type 2a and I'm registered blind with RP, I wear two hearing aids. 
A couple months ago I received my Bradley Timepiece from Molly Watt Trust, which I'm very thankful for.
On getting my Bradley I was so happy I put it on straight away, I loved the shape colour and size, had a play around with it and to be honest I thought I'll never master this as I couldn't figure out how the ball on the watch meant as time! I was baffled!!

I then realised there was 2 ball bearings one for the hour and one for the minute and by touching and feeling where they where I was able to tell the time, it took me a few hours to master it, but I can finally tell the time!
Thanks to Molly watt trust I'm able to do this.
I have tried large print watches, talking watches they where no good as with me being deafblind.
I can't see too well especially in the dark, I then have zero vision and my hearing is no good depending on the environment I'm in, so I gave up on watches to be honest and was always asking the time! 
I can honestly say the Bradley Watch is very robust that it can withstand knocks and bangs as I do walk and bang into things, plus I also learnt just a wee shake of my wrist the minute and hour ball falls back into correct time. 
The Bradley is perfect for somebody with Usher Syndrome (deafblind) I highly recommend it. 
Again many many thanks and love Diane xx
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