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Thursday, 23 April 2015 20:00

See Me, Hear Me

Written by  Molly Watt
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The sun would shine we'd go out to play

Ride our bikes or play on swings

We really could do wonderful things

Run and play, just play all day

Now when the sun comes out to play

I must hide my eyes away

The glare is painful it makes my eyes weep

I hide behind dark glasses as if to sleep

My eyes are open but little can I see

Usher Syndrome, Deafblind is me

Hearing is a challenge but hearing aids fab

Seeing more difficult without Unis my lab

Life is different, challenging and tough

It's all about awareness, there isn't enough

My aim is to educate to make people aware

My Usher Syndrome challenges I'm going to share

If you are interested and would like me to inspire

Invite me to talk, go on I dare you to enquire

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