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Wednesday, 13 April 2016 16:10

Ready to meet others with Usher Syndrome

Written by  Nicky Griggs
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I decided I would like to meet some fellow ushers as never met anyone and my sight has been steadily getting worse . I had support worker for blind visit recently and she said about cane and guide dog and l 

was very emotional about this as I have probably put my condition to the side and tried living as "normal" .I was very nervous about coming to Walsall but found it a very welcome event and being the first for me it wasn't too big group of people. Having the speakers made it interesting as you can relate to their experience and in my case Jo Milne was similar as we both have had bilateral cochlear implants :-) Colin was interesting as someone who has been through a lot and Molly as the younger generation showing lots of confidence and researching the technology .

I am glad we stayed over and had more time with these ushers and their partners/families and also their loyal guide dogs as this was what I needed to see although no canes used here. 

It was lovely to meet you Jane and Andrew and thank you for organising the event and for giving me the opportunity to meet other ushers who I hope I will meet up with again .

Many thanks and will wait to hear of dates for future events

Nicky Griggs xx


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