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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 20:18

Brave or Plain Crackers

Written by  Lynne Morris
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My name is Lynne and I have Usher type 2.  

I'm 33 and mum of two boys Oliver 5 and Elliot 3.

I decided to have a party for Elliot's 3rd birthday and a summer party for Oliver as he has an awkward birthday (28th Dec).

The party was to be held in the garden with a bouncy castle (suitable for adults whoop whoop).

Anyhow, I had a brainwave and decided to ask my best friend to share the party with her daughter who has her birthday the day after Elliot.

I'm thinking at the time this is going to be fantastic, I'll have my bestie at the party we'll have a laugh. It was decided that her daughter could invite 5 friends, which got me thinking oh heck I'd better invite friends for Oliver so the party won't be overrun by girls!

It was decided Oliver would invite 4. Elliot doesn't have any friends yet.

I book the bouncy castle,  book the week off to get the gardens and house prepared then all of a sudden GULP!  it hits me what on earth have i got myself into!  Me..............and about 12 kids!  Oh my goodness, how am I ever going to cope?

 I can barely get through the day without knocking or bumping and keeping track of my own kids, let alone anyone else's!

My week off arrives and panic has well and truly kicked in and I am running round like a headless chicken still wondering why oh why have I done this.

The day arrives, my bestie turns up at 12 o'clock as agreed and i find out that we have our wires crossed her invitees are arriving at 1pm not 2pm like i thought.  (Bleeeeeeeeep) I'm not ready!!!!!  

As bad as this might sound right now I was so relieved that Oliver only had 1 friend coming to the party in the end.  So it was approximately 9 children and 12 adults.

I start running round again getting everything ready along side Julie and people start to arrive.

I'm ok, I'm ok I can do this, just watch where they all go and try to keep track, just take your time (I'm saying all this in my head) it became a waste of time talking to myself, it was a simple case of let's hope I live through this, manage to stay upright and not make a complete plonker of myself! 

The main incidents that got to me were:-

1. I walked into the Gazebo leg even though i erected the darn thing. This was in front of all the guests it was joked that I'd been drinking.  (You do what you gotta do and go with the flow)

2. The guest mums were all asking about the food and i could hear someone asking me questioms but couldn't locate who it was and I didn't have anyone with me at the time to repeat or point out who has said it.    Anyway I realised the woman was just in front of me to the right and I'd been answering the questions to someone else.  Felt like a right boob.

3. The last thing that got to me is looking at photographs I took a selfie of me and the boys and my eyes are looking the wrong way even though I'm looking at the camera I'm looking at the button to take the pic,  i never realised how obvious it is until i saw it in the photo.  The same in a photo of me and the bestie Julie even though she was taking the picture you can tell I can't see. 

Anyhow the party was a huge success everyone loved it and had a great time as did I but I suffered terribly with stress and anxiety throughout the whole thing. I was completely pooped at the end, yet I couldn't sleep that night because i was still stressed even though it was all over and done with.

I know I could have told the guests that weren't aware of my condition what was going on or attempted to use my long cane but why does everything have to evolve around it.

I just didn't want to stick out and for everyone to have fun and be happy.  :)

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