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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:43

Applewatch, I won't leave home without it

Written by  Emma
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Hi Molly Watt Trust

I want to thank you for funding my applewatch.

I had so much catching up to do through the school summer holidays including  training with my new guide dog Twinkle, along with keeping my two children tkeep occupied.

Now I’ve caught up I can finally write my first feedback about my initial experiences with my applewatch, thank you so much for this genuine opportunity for me to own and benefit from it, I'm truly amazed by how it works.

Firstly I like the way you can change watch faces you want, I particularly like the motion ones that moves very pretty.

The activity app is brilliant tells me how many miles I've walked, how much exercise, movements and how long I've been standing through out the day and its rewarding you get achievements goals saying well done keep up the good work etc.

Its very encouraging.

I also enjoy the workout, outdoor walk.  I set up up so it is ready before I leave home and as soon as I get to work I stop it to see how many miles I've walked and my iPhone shows me my routes where I have walked its brilliant.

While I'm on the go my applewatch alerts me by vibrating on my wrist that I have received text messages and phone calls while I'm busy working my guide dog Twinkle, or at home doing things I need to catch up on. 

I now rarely miss calls or text due to the taptic alerts.  I am genuinely delighted with these initial things and already I feel I don’t ever want to leave home with out it.

I also really like the timer, so helpful to be alerted by vibrations on my wrist to home appliances that do have timer alerts that make sound but that I cannot hear.  It has saved me from burning or spoiling things I have cooked.  

I find I am more relaxed wearing my applewatch as I feel very contactable and ‘things’ are more accessible.

I'm learning new things every day with my applewatch.

I will send more feedback soon.


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