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Tuesday, 28 November 2017 07:22

Applewatch Down Under

Written by  Maggie Sandal
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Coming to the end of the school year, I have realised how much I rely on my apple watch. The apple watch has given me so much support that has allowed me to travel to and from my sports as well as keep organised as the school year progressed.
First, haptics has changed my world. I never realised how effective they could be as I never miss a text or a reminder now. I find it very easy now to wake up in the morning to a small vibration on my wrist rather than something that vibrates my whole bed.
The apple watch has also improved my organisation; as it will remind me to do simple things like keep my hearing and vision equipment together. This never used to work, as I would never have my phone on me when the reminder went off. Now that the watch is attached to my wrist, I never miss anything. Also, now whenever I think of something I need to do, I can instantly put it in my watch instead of not having my phone therefore forgetting about the thing I had to do. The apple watch has relieved much of my stress and now I feel much happier and stress-free.
Travelling is something that the apple watch has helped me with. I listen to music while I walk to school and I used to find it a bit nerve wrecking, having to go on my phone to change the song. Now a quick glance at my watch and I change the song. It has become a lot less hazardous to walk to school, which I am grateful for. I also use it for when I catch the train to and from rowing. When I am walking to the station, I am able to know what trains are coming so I can catch them.
Since having the apple watch, I have found myself becoming more active as I am striving to achieve the goals that it has set for me. Instead of sitting in front of the television, now I find myself walking my dog so it has not only benefitted myself. It has benefited my dog as well!
The apple watch has made me feel more comfortable within the society that is hearing and seeing. So I thank the Molly Watt trust committee so much and am so grateful that I was one of the lucky people to experience the benefits and support that the apple watch has provided me.

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