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Saturday, 31 October 2020 11:38

Olivia’s emotional journey to BETTER HEARING

Olivia is our 3rd chosen Case Study.

At 15 years old she is also our youngest.

We at MWT met with Olivia in the summer of 2019, a very emotional meeting which very much reminded us why we do what we do.  Recently diagnosed Olivia had found Molly on social media and in her own words had found a positive role model with whom she could relate.  

Olivia remined us of a young Molly looking for somebody young that she could reach out to, that person was not there and the very reason the Molly Watt Trust was set up.

We are excited to have the support of GN Hearing and Sarah Vokes at Correct Hearing committed to assisting us seeing Olivia through this most demanding of times in her life.  Starting with GCSE's set to happen next summer (Covid allowing) and the ability to hear so much better than previously.  It will be excting to follow this journey through education and to see just how important access to sound is through education.

Thursday, 28 November 2019 18:23

Readiness for the ‘Big Day’ 

The Molly Watt Trust with the support of GN Hearing and Hearing Clinic Glasgow was delighted to have arranged the fitting of Colin’s ReSound LiNX Quattro smart hearing aids in advance of his Wedding Day.  A little time for adjustment ready for one of the most special days of his life.


November 1st, 2019 was without a doubt one of the biggest days of my life as Lyn and I finally got married. 

The one big thing I was always concerned about was that this was going to be a big and social event, min and Lyn’s big event, an environment I would very much struggle with in in the past.  Anybody living with Usher Syndrome will tell you being deaf and blind in this space is often so challenging many of us would choose to avoid some social rather than struggle to communicate and see so little you simply cannot enjoy it - self isolation.

I had felt a level of anxiety on the run up to the wedding but both Lyn (who is blind) and I took a great deal of time arranging things to be as ‘Usher/deafblind’ friendly as it could be. 

We had organised our wedding to be as inclusive as possible, having control meant we could control things really important to Lyn and I.  Often just little things but things that make a huge difference.  I was able to control the lighting, I could even dim the disco lighting.  We had appropriate lights throughout the venue so Lyn and I with our small amount of sight between us could make the very most of our day and that our guests would also be comfortable.  We made sure there was provision for our guide dogs and for our guest’s guide dogs. 

I wanted to see my beautiful bride and our guests, just like any other bride and groom we wanted to cherish every moment.

My other really big concern was my hearing, I had been really struggling with my standard NHS hearing aids.  I was very anxious I would not hear my marital vows and possibly make a fool of myself.  When you cannot see much and your hearing is terrible being on the spot isn’t somewhere you’d not specifically want to be so when the Molly Watt Trust approached me and discussed their project I jumped at being a part of it.  The offer came at the perfect time - I was excited.  I had heard so much about GN Hearing and their smart hearing aid range and couldn’t wait to be fitted.

Well I was elated, not only did I hear my wedding vows clearly I heard so much more.

When it came to the speeches I was able to hear all of them clearly in a large room full of friends and family, I could hear where the voices were coming from and exactly who they were.  After the speeches when we sat down to eat, even above the sound of guests chatting, plats and knives and forks clattering I could still hear certain voices and accents around the room.  This sort of thing I’m still marvelling over, just amazing.

When the music came on I could hear it clearly, with the appropriate lighting I could dance and feel safe and I could also hear Lyn speaking to me through the music. 

For the first time in years I could genuinely enjoy a sociable environment and feel completely included in conversation.

I was able to mingle with our guests and even though I couldn’t see them I could hear them, something previously I could only have dreamed of. 

As I look back on our big day I feel so emotional that it really was the day Lyn and I had dreamed of and that it was complimented and completed by a pair of ReSound LiNX Quattro smart hearing aids.  Life changing.

Thank you so much to Molly Watt Trust, ReSound GN Hearing and Hearing Clinic Glasgow.

Saturday, 26 October 2019 11:28

Sometimes ignorance is bliss!

I’m on the train home after a long day 3 trains and a 3 hour journey . I was just about first on so I placed my rucksack on the seat with my harness over it and put Frankie on the floor under the seat . I then thought I heard a gent mutter something under his breath so I tuned my aids in on the outdoor setting and sure enough he was. If he had only had the decency to ask I would have gladly given up my seat for him or his wife. There was no need to call me under his breath. I was dying to say something but sometimes somethings are better not said. I guess I got the last laugh. 

Sunday, 20 October 2019 11:27

A little time to reflect

Today I’m feeling a bit washed out it’s been an exciting emotional but most of all a life changing week. 

I decided to chill out and take the dogs up the big hill.  It’s about 4 miles through the woods and dams with stunning views. Today I found myself taking a lot longer than normal as it suddenly hit me that I could hear pitch perfect silence at the bottom of the hill, there was no muffled white noise or whistling, something that had become the norm with my standard NHS hearing aids, not even the constant irritation of wind whistling through my ears.  In that moment I realised just how difficult hearing had become with all those unwanted sounds.  That clear silence literally was golden.  As I walked on I could hear aeroplanes approaching the flight path into Glasgow airport some 5 miles away . The clarity that I could hear aeroplanes before I could possibly see then, I was blown away. 

As I began walking again I quickly realised I had a better connection with the dogs too, I could hear them even though I couldn’t see them as they enjoyed their free run. 

As I was walking I noticed I could also hear my heavy feet trudging in the mud, this brought a smile to my face . I continued to walk poking my cane step by step grinning. I took my finger off the pulse, a lapse in concentration as I engulfed myself in the joy of the sounds of the woods , it went from light to dark in the woods not a great thing with Usher Syndrome/Rp (Night blindness).  I found myself With 2 dogs running around and as I stepped forward in the dark I ended up knee deep in water in a ditch!  I didn’t even attempt to scramble out but took the time to listen to the sounds of the water running past my boots. It sounds stupid but it what such a joy.

As we approached the bottom of the hill in the dark silence I suddenly heard a lone bird singing.  I stood still for about 5 minutes listening to it’s glorious chorus, I had never heard any of these sounds!

Boy what a day you really don’t realise what you’re missing. 

Thank you so much to the Molly Watt Trust and GN Hearing


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