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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 11:33

Maidenhead Charity Ball 2017

I was fortunate to be introduced to local couple Diane and Laurence Armstrong at a Christmas party in 2016.

We quickly struck up conversation about both their's and my charity work.

Diane and Laurence have hosted numerous charity balls over the years and raised thousands and thousands of pounds for both national and local charities.  

They were both very interested in the work we do at Molly Watt Trust to support and provide people living with deafblindness both information and access to the assistive technologies capable of both enhancing and enabling them better access to the world we live in, the result of which the Armstrong's chose us as beneficiaries of their ‘2017 Charity Ball.’

I am a local girl, grown up in Maidenhead, educated and supported in Maidenhead from 3 years old until being diagnosed with deafblindness, the happiest times of my life.

Little did I realise how many local people knew me or knew of me and that so many would be at the Ball and supporting the Molly Watt Trust.

Saturday 17th June was the day of the ball which was incredibly well attended and we were totally overwhelmed by the generosity of the many local people who had donated some truly amazing raffle and auction prizes.

I can only describe the evening as utterly amazing.  

I have terrible sight, however, I was delighted on arrival it was a hot and sunny evening.  I did have to hide in the shade to appreciate the ladies in beautiful dresses and the men dressed so smartly.  Scanning the room at the venue, Maidenhead Golf Club, it was tastefully decorated including balloons in the colours of the MWT logo and the room was full.

The evening was full of fun, great food and for me great memories, however that was nothing compared to the incredible generosity of those who attended.

 We raised £6203 on the night to add to a very generous donation from local builder Michael Shanly and several other donations after the Ball totalling £8000.

I want to personally thank Diane and Laurence for their hard work, Diane’s amazing organisational skills, their generosity and kindness along with those who helped along the way including Jack Armstrong and my little sister Lily for their photography skills.

I'd also like to thank every single person who attended, from near or far and who donated in any way to make the evening such a huge success.

The funds raised will be going towards funding assistive technology to the Usher Syndrome community, to bringing together many deafblind people isolated by their condition and for us to continue raising awareness of this cruel condition and addressing needs with digital solutions.

Thank you Maidenhead.



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