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Monday, 22 June 2015 07:49

Thank You MWT for My Bradley Timepiece

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to the Molly Watt Trust.

I applied for a Bradley watch a short while ago and I was delighted that I qualified for one.

The watch itself is a fantastic piece of kit for an body but for someone like me with Usher Syndrome both sight and hearing loss it is a particularly essential piece of kit that helps make life a lot more bearable.

Realistically gadgets and tools for the deaf and visually impaired tend to be not very exciting but the Bradley watch is very fashionable and easy to use with its tactile ball bearings.

It's diffrent to a talking watch as it doesn't draw attention to you as you get told the time and I actually struggled to hear that sought of watch.

Just another little way to keep our independence.

Again a huge thank you to the Molly watt trust for helping me receive this watch.

For a small Charity they really do help the Usher Community striving to lead from the front and help those like me access the ideal tools for the job.

Keep up the good work Molly Jane Andy you do make a difference I assure you . Thanks Colin


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