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Sunday, 28 June 2015 20:22

"Beam Me Up Scottie"

When i saw that a fellow Usher friend had a Bradley Watch. I thought wow i would love one of those they look so trendy and different not your usual piece of 'disability aid'. When i found out MWT were helping to fund the Bradley watch not for one second did I think I'd be a recipient.   However,  I expressed an interest was sent the form with all the relevant bits and pieces.  Still thinking I'm wasting my time I won't be eligible. 

To my utter surprise a couple of weeks later the watch arrived in the post! I was so shocked and excited I didn't know what to do with myself for a moment.  :)

I started using it straight away, it took me a little while to get the reading of the time right I've had a couple of dodgy but hilarious moments telliing the time but it's fantastic and I've had so many comments about it,  people are genuinely amazed at how it works and they think I belong in Star Trek!

"Beam me up Scottie"

I highly recommend the watch and can't thank MWT enough for their super kind generosity.  Xx

Sunday, 28 June 2015 20:09

Tactile Time

Hi my name is Diane 44 years old from Northern Ireland.
I have Usher Syndrome type 2a and I'm registered blind with RP, I wear two hearing aids. 
A couple months ago I received my Bradley Timepiece from Molly Watt Trust, which I'm very thankful for.
On getting my Bradley I was so happy I put it on straight away, I loved the shape colour and size, had a play around with it and to be honest I thought I'll never master this as I couldn't figure out how the ball on the watch meant as time! I was baffled!!

I then realised there was 2 ball bearings one for the hour and one for the minute and by touching and feeling where they where I was able to tell the time, it took me a few hours to master it, but I can finally tell the time!
Thanks to Molly watt trust I'm able to do this.
I have tried large print watches, talking watches they where no good as with me being deafblind.
I can't see too well especially in the dark, I then have zero vision and my hearing is no good depending on the environment I'm in, so I gave up on watches to be honest and was always asking the time! 
I can honestly say the Bradley Watch is very robust that it can withstand knocks and bangs as I do walk and bang into things, plus I also learnt just a wee shake of my wrist the minute and hour ball falls back into correct time. 
The Bradley is perfect for somebody with Usher Syndrome (deafblind) I highly recommend it. 
Again many many thanks and love Diane xx
Wednesday, 24 June 2015 20:42

My Bradley, My Surprise

Thank you so much MWT, my mum applied for a Bradley Watch for me without telling me, it was a fantastic surprise when I got it.

It took a while to get used to how it worked but soon got the hang of it, it looks great and I don't have to worry about asking some else for the time at nighttime. 

My friends think it's really cool and want one.  I've taught my family and friends how to tell the time with it.

Thanks again to all at MWT

Jake x

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to receive a Bradley Timepiece - only made possible to me through the brilliant Molly Watt Trust.

It is a wonderful invention, but does take a little getting used to. I didn't think myself heavy handed at all, but to master this, you really do need to have the lightest touch!

I've had the Bradley for just short of a month now and so really starting to get to grips with it and I LOVE IT!

So much more discreet than a talking watch! Another plus is that my two grown up sons are very impressed and think it very cool and stylish - one in the eye for them so to speak - but remember lads - IT IS VERY MUCH MINE!!

The Bradley is also a brilliant talking point as everyone notices and comments on it, leading to great conversation then in raising awareness of Ushers and also to promote the fabulous work of the Molly Watt Trust - THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I will continue to fly your flag!!

Have a great Deafblind Awareness Week everyone!


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